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Double Acts

Unlocked by The Kills

Le Meridien and Tate present the Unlock Art Film Series


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Double Acts

"If we started to argue, everything would fall apart very fast. Because it is based on accepting the two, the view of two people together." Gilbert & George

The popular myth that art is a solitary undertaking by angst-ridden artists is challenged by collaborative partnerships, where artworks are created from the melding of two or more minds. Such collusion can often endure for a lifetime.

As far back as the Medieval era, artists have eschewed the reclusive nature of their profession and worked with a band of assistants, sometimes up to 100, as in Ruben’s case. The intensity of the artistic relationship through complicity has historically seen partnerships between lovers, friends and siblings, challenging the traditional ideas connected to the shaping of art.


The Presenter

The Kills

As the ultimate double act, Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart of Indie rock band, The Kills, are in a unique position to reveal the reality of working as part of a collaborative duo.

Having garnered critical acclaim for their first three albums, American-born Alison and British-born Jamie (a.k.a. VV and Hotel) teamed up in 2000. The duo have continued to make music, create their own scene and make a difference through the exploration of the world around them and their inspirational music and lyrics.